Organo™ Gold Compensation Plan Explained

Whether you are new to network marketing or an old hand, it’s always good to understand how you are compensated, as this should help develop your recruitment and placement strategy in your network.

There are 7 Ways to Generate Income

Plus an additional Bonus – if you are a Go Getter

1Retail ProfitDaily/Weely
2Fast Track BonusWeekly
3Dual Team BonusWeekly
4Unilevel BonusMonthly
5Unilevel Matching BonusMonthly
6Generational Leadership BonusMonthly
7Global PoolMonthly
Start-Up Bonus: 3 Cycle BonusFirst 3 Months

1 Retail Profit

When you join Organo Gold as a distributor, you can purchase all the products at wholesale prices. This means that you can sell the products to potential retail customers in one of 2 ways:

  • either in person by reselling the stock you purchase at recommended retail prices (receive the retail profit immediately) or
  • you can give people throughout the world in countries where Organo Gold is represented the link to your replicated Organo Gold website (which will look similar to our ReishidotzCoffee Organo Gold website). When people log on, you earn the difference between the online retail price and the wholesale price. This gives people the opportunity to purchase the coffee directly at a discounted price. You receive the retail profit (difference between wholesale & retail prices) which is paid into your OG Pay Wallet each week and the points go towards your PVG.

2 Fast Track Bonus

Each time a personally recruited distributer purchases an Organo Promotional Sales Pack, you will receive a Fast Track Bonus in that week.

Promotional Sales PackFast Track Bonus
Gold / Gold Ubuntu (SA)$110

South Africa also has a Copper Pack, with a Fast Track Bonus of $5.

NB please be aware that the Copper Promotional Sales Pack does not count towards qualifying for a Pay Rank that requires two or more personally sponsored people with an OG Promotional Sales Packs.

3 Dual Team Bonus

Each placement tree has a left and right side. One of them is your ‘Power Leg’ and the other is your ‘Pay Leg’. The former is the stronger leg that generates more sales volume. The latter is where you can earn up to 20% on the CV sales volume to an unlimited depth. If you maintain your qualified status, you will have the opportunity to carry over any unpaid volume in your Power Leg to the next commissionable period.

A minimum of 150 CV on each leg is required to generate a bonus that gets paid each week. When a Dual Team Bonus pays out, an equal amount of CV is deducted from each leg.

Pay RankBonus
Marketing Associate / Supervisor10%
Consultant / VIP Consultant / Platinum Consultant15%
Platinum Elite Consultant / Gold Pack Qualified
Sapphire and above

To see how to achieve the different pay ranks and maintain them click here.

4 Unilevel Bonus

When you have multiple distribution partners with strong retail sales, then you can earn income on their orders up to 9 levels deep. This helps in maintaining a consistent monthly income.

  • You must maintain an active status (50 PQV) in order to be eligible for the Unilevel Bonus.
  • First 100 CV on first time product orders and Promotional Sales Packs and Upgrade Packs are not included in Unilevel Bonus. Your paid rank will determine how many levels deep you will earn.
  • An unqualified Distribution Partner’s organisation compresses up to the next qualified upline for that month.
Marketing Associate
VIP Consultant
Platinum Consultant
Plat Elite Consultant
Blue Diamond5%5%5%4%4%3%3%2%
Black Diamond
Crown Diamond
Crown Ambassador
Unilevel Bonus Sumary

5 Unilevel Matching Bonus

With the Unilevel Matching Bonus, you can earn up to 20% on the Unilevel Bonus of personally sponsored distribution partners while earning an additional 10% in matching bonuses all the way up to three (3) additional levels.

Matching bonuses are designed to encourage Sponsors to mentor and develop Distribution Partners deep within their organisation. Placement of a downline Distribution Partner within your Dual Team structure does not affect your Matching Bonus payout.

VIP Consultant
Platinum Consultant
Plat Elite Consultant
Gold Pack Qualified
Diamond and above20%10%10%10%
Unilevel Bonus Summary

6 Generational Leadership

As you develop leadership within your organisation, your rewards grow exponentially. When you reach the level of Sapphire or above, and as you continue to develop new Sapphires and above within your organisation, you will be paid Unilevel CV down to as many as four (4) generations of Sapphire and above.

A generation begins when a qualified Sapphire or above is found in any leg of your organisation and ends with, but does not include, the next qualified Sapphire or higher. In some instances, you may be paid an infinite number of levels!

Diamond and above2%3%4%5%
Generational Leadership Bonus Summary

7 Global Pool Bonus

Three percent (3%) of ORGANO’s worldwide Unilevel CV will be shared amongst qualified Ruby Distribution Partners and Above. The Global Pool pays in direct proportion to one’s sales contributions to the Unilevel CV.

Blue Diamond10%
Black Diamond and above19%

Start-Up Bonus

If you are a strong networker then you should seriously consider this bonus. 3 Cycles of bonuses for your performance and customer acquisition plan. However, this starts from the date you sign on – so you need to get moving!

Target10,000 PDTV
15,000 PDTV
3,000 PGV
20,000 PDTV
3,500 PGV

PDTV: Personal Dual Team Qualifying Volume. Qualifying volume from Distribution Partner’s dual team downline excluding any individuals who are not also in the Distribution Partner’s unilevel downline. No more than 50% PDTV should be coming from one binary leg.

PGV: Qualifying Volume from new personally sponsored Distribution Partners (i.e. Qualifying volume of the Promotional Sales Packs from newly personally sponsored Distribution Partners, as well as the qualifying volume of the orders placed by the Retail Customers of those new independent Distribution Partners.)